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The silent majority

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We, the living, are the vocal minority. There are far more people who have died than there are who are alive. And yet, we take up all the space and make most of the noise.


Meanwhile, the silent majority wait their turn, patiently.


What if we quieted and slowed and constrained ourselves enough to give space for the majority to get a word in edgeways?


Perhaps they are not so silent after all. Perhaps they have wisdom to offer, a different perspective that goes unheard by people too busy being alive to listen.


Even those who wait patiently for their turn to speak may feel the urgency of the moment. Of time running out. Not for them, but for us.


There is not a person alive who does not enjoy being listened to. Offering one’s attentive presence to another person is a generous gift.


Is it written that such a gift cannot be offered to those who have died?


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