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Given my total lack of interest in, and knowledge of, numerology, this number has no inherent meaning to me. It is simply the number of days and the number of posts since this blog began.


It represents a bunch of stuff, not all listed here, and in no particular order of importance that I am aware of:


·      the only action I can think of ever having undertaken for this many days in a row that did not involve basic self-care or survival

·      a commitment to risking the embarrassment of public imperfection

·      an opportunity to work out my ideas

·      the impetus to read and listen more widely than usual – if only, sometimes, in a desperate search for something to say

·      affirmation and encouragement from a small group of true fans

·      the closest I will get to running a marathon


Would the Personal Story Coach project have come along without the blog? Probably. But there is no question that the discipline of writing gave me the means to think it through in ways that I would not have done without the blog.


And 366 reinforces a story I’m telling myself about this next project: trying something new in public is scary because we open ourselves to the possibility of public failure if we fall short. But not trying means trading the possibility of publicly falling short for the certainty of privately knowing we allowed our fear to rule the day. I choose the story that courage is of greater value at the end of the day than success.

Although a win would be really nice too.


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