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A too-small reality

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It is easy to get caught in the web of a too-small vision of reality: a worldview of limitations labelled as realism and facts. This is when we need a larger vision not defined by failure but possibility, not governed by scarcity but by abundance, not ruled by remembered offenses but set free by forgiveness and maybe even reconciliation.

Vision easily shrinks under the duress of personal hardship and tragedy – even before the constant stream of headlines about all that’s wrong in the world. “If it bleeds, it leads” may sell newspapers and internet ads, but it also seduces us into believing the worst of everything. 

What if, instead of surrendering to realism, or surrendering the value of realism itself, we opened ourselves to a bigger reality not bound by the places where our vision has shrunk?

When the world wounds us, it is natural to recoil and set boundaries that will protect our fragile hearts. Natural, but not inevitable. When it comes to limitations – real or perceived – we make choices too. 

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