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Yesterday morning, some people received this blog several hours later than usual. The reason is that, while I’m switching over my email list, there is a group I have to send these posts to manually every day. Last night, as every night, I created the post and scheduled it to send at 1:00 Pacific. However, I forgot to change the “PM” to “AM.”


Before this latest stretch of having to manually send a post every day, there were a handful of times I would wake up in the morning to learn that the blog had not posted during the night as it was supposed to. Sometimes this has been a problem with the tech, but most of the time it’s been a problem with me.


Then there are the typos which, despite my best efforts, I sometimes spot in the text after it’s been delivered that I didn’t find when I was writing it. Or the times I have forgotten to change the image at the top.


Every day, I aim for as close to perfection as possible with the form. It bothers me when I fail at that. However, it bothers me whenever I fail at something. After all these years, there is some part of the reality of my imperfection that I have trouble accepting.


Imperfection is resilient. It doesn’t matter how much I don’t like its presence or try to expunge it from my life, imperfection just carries on, showing up every day.


As the title states, this blog is mine. I am human. Humans are imperfect. So the blog should be imperfect too.


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