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Becoming, part 1

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Becoming the truth of who we are is the work of a lifetime.


A lot gets in the way. To use the metaphor I apply most frequently, there are many stories to sort through – storylines we may follow for some time before realizing they’re not going to get us where we need to go.


There are many ways in which we conform to, or rebel against, the versions of our life the world offers. Sometimes these stories feel more like impositions than offerings. An important part of becoming involves trying on some of these stories.

Sometimes that’s the only way to know if something fits.


Some people get stuck for a long time living a life that isn’t really theirs. Indeed, some people never stop living a life that feels like a bad fit in one way or another.


Perhaps, if mercy and grace are discovered along the way, such a storyline may come to be appreciated for what it offers and not resented for what it lacks.


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