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Becoming, part 2

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Alongside and mingled together with the versions of our life offered by the world are the versions we take on, invest in, and identify with.


There are the pieces of our growing up that we remember and form into our history. A few events are turned into memories; most are forgotten. Sometimes the memories reflect actual historical events, but brain science has discovered a lot about how the brain creates memories. The legal system relies heavily on the fact that memory is constructed, not an audio and video recording of past events.


We shape the stories we tell and they, in turn, shape us. Characters in this narrative take shape. One is called I; another is me. They feel real – and to some extent, they are. They are essential for our survival; no one navigates life without them.


This week: Two special events!

  1. I’ve mentioned a few times now the free, one-hour class called “Better Stories=A Better Life.” It’s tomorrow (Thursday) at 5PM Pacific. Here’s a link to sign up or share with someone you think might be interested. There will be a special bonus offer at the end of the class.

  2. Friday morning in this space, I will be introducing a new, weekly feature to the blog: Fika Friday.


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