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Empirical thinking

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The large and powerful run a greater risk of presuming their own indispensability. Empires, large corporations, elite ________ (fill-in-the-blank) organize reality with themselves at the center.


When we define (and judge) everything in terms of ourselves – when we become the common denominator – we fail to take into account that the margins are their own centres. (The Mediterranean Sea is only in the middle of the earth for those who live around it)


Many websites based outside the United States connect to a country code top-level domain (TLD) associated to their own country, while most websites within the US do not. (There is a .us TLD, but most US-based websites don’t employ it.)


The US invented the internet. It had global implications from the early days of its commercialization, but it is not in the nature of empirical thinking to wonder how their actions will impact those beyond the Empire’s borders.


For those at the centre, having their centrality questioned is obviously threatening to their position. Reality is inconvenient at times, isn’t it?



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