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Genius Hesitates

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“It seems to me …” – Albert Einstein, from the introduction to his article introducing quantum mechanics.


“I think …: — Charles Darwin, from the top of his “Tree of Life” sketch where he introduced the idea that species evolve.


The kind of mind that hesitates in this way always wants to understand more, and values discovering the truth more than being right. There are always things we don’t know that might prove our current conclusions wrong. There is an inverse relationship between certainty and openness to the unknown.


At the same time, resistance is unavoidable. Every artist knows that you cannot make the voice or the fear go away; it’s built in.


The trick is not avoiding or ignoring the resistance, but befriending it and inviting it on to the dance floor. And hesitation is not giving up when it simply acknowledges “I think this is true, but I may be wrong.”


Doubt is inherent in discovery and resistance is inherent in the creative act. Both are both understandable reasons to hesitate, but only long enough to catch your breath before taking the plunge.