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Happenings, not things

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Physicists tell us that there is no such thing as “here” and “now.” Quantum physics describes not how things are, but how things interact with one another. From our limited human perspective, we have a much smaller picture of reality than what is really going on. What appear to us as “things” are actually the temporary products of interactions.


The Italian physicist Carlo Rovelli, explains it in terms of the difference between a rock and a kiss. A rock appears as a “thing” in the sense that we can look at the same rock tomorrow and it will look like it did today. A kiss is not a thing in the same way. Where’s the kiss when we come back tomorrow? A kiss is a “happening.” (It would be an Italian who would come up with this example…)


If the human lifespan was 1 billion years instead of 100 years, we would see that the rock is really a happening as well – a temporary aggregation of sand which eventually becomes sand again. 


So what?


We are kisses, not rocks.

Once we understand this (and our capacity to change our part in any interaction) we see in a new way how powerful each of us really is.

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