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“I have climbed highest mountains”

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The Irish rock band, U2, spoke to it for a generation or two of pop music lovers, but the question of how we find what we’re looking for is a psychological, ontological and teleological question for all time. Probably every major spiritual tradition that has emerged within humanity has in one way or another sought to pose, clarify and maybe even try to answer the question: what is it we seek, and how do we find it?


In 2019, the market for motivational self-improvement programmes and products was valued at $11 billion in the US alone. That’s a lot of looking.


It would be easy to slam western, capitalist consumerism for creating a superficial and soulless culture, anemic of meaning, and incapable of delivering what really matters – except that the question seems far older, the desire more elemental. Not for all, but for many.


What gives your life meaning? What eternal longing in you still desires satisfying? What are you still looking for?



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