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Improvement, part 3

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Social media (if I may jump on the dogpile of social media bashing for a moment) encourages people to project unrealistic lives into the universe for the rest of us to envy.


Does anyone ever post a picture of the completely average-looking lunch they’ve eaten three times this week? Or of themselves looking terrible? Or of their child doing something completely unremarkable and mediocre? (“Oh, look, Johnny got a C minus on his book report!”)


Between advertising, social media constantly reminding us how unremarkably average most of us are, and a multi-billion-dollar industry selling us ways to make our lives better, the pressure is on: improve.


Or else what?


** Next Thursday, April 15, I will be offering a free class called “Better Stories=Better Life” on Zoom. Here’s a link to sign up for the class. This is a good, no-risk way to take the next step into exploring the work I’m up to these days, or to share it with someone you think would be interested. There will be a special bonus offer at the end of the class.


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