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Improvement, part 4

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The constant push to improve is not only exhausting. At its extreme, it is counterproductive and even dangerous.


Entropy is built into the fundamental structure of reality. Things fall apart. In physics, it’s called the Second law of thermodynamics. In Buddhism, it’s called niazi. One can choose to be depressed about it, or just accept that this is how the universe works, and that, being part of the universe, we are not immune.


Add the cultural emphasis on improvement with the unalterable fact that things fall apart, and we risk setting ourselves up for disappointment.


Taken to an extreme, one might conclude, as some have, that their failure to measure up to an impossible version of themselves is evidence of their own inferiority.   


When not firmly anchored, the honourable desire experienced by many to be and do better can be exploited by the unscrupulous, or derail into something ironically worse than where they started.


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