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Improvement, part 5

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Personal confession: for those who speak Enneagram, I am a ONE.


Translation for those who do not speak Enneagram: I live with an inclination to see what is wrong with the world before I see what is right with it. Wanting all to be right, I want to fix what I think is wrong.


On a really good day, I might bat .225.


Most days are not that good.


For those of you gifted with other afflictions than the one with which I have been gifted, imagine the state of heart, mind and soul that arises from the scenario described above.



A contemporary interpretation of the Rule of St. Benedict begins this way:


“These words are addressed to anyone who is willing to renounce the delusion that the meaning of life can be learned; whoever is willing to take up the greater weapon of fidelity to a way of living that transcends understanding.


The first rule is simply this: live this life and do whatever is done in a spirit of loving kindness.”



Wanting things to be better, wanting to be one’s best self – these are noble aspirations and not to be derided.


Wisdom bequeaths senses and a heart that do not ignore the beauty and perfect imperfection of what is, for tomorrow’s unknowable dream of what could be.



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