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Intentions and Values

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As I said yesterday, a resolution on its own is not robust enough to effect change. The definition of a resolution – a firm decision —  sounds powerful, but its rigidity makes it brittle: “do or do not.” Without new systems and habits (i.e. a plan), resolutions stand little chance.


An intention, on the other hand, is flexible enough to not break when the going gets tough. Intentions require a plan, the putting in place of systems, and the cultivation of new habits. Intentions honour incremental success rather than creating a false dichotomy between success and failure.


Goals are more useful than resolutions, although in extremis even they smack of all-or-nothing, pass/fail, win/lose. Goals are the “what”, and every “what” worth its salt needs a “why” – a value. 


As intentions are to resolutions, so are values to goals. As my coach says, “an intention is more powerful than a resolution; and a value is more powerful than a goal.”


Your desire to create a resolution tells you something about what you want to be different. Your intentions and values are what will actually make change happen. That is where coaches come in.

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