Personal Story Coach helps men improve their mindset


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In western, individualist, technological society, know-how is privileged. Practical knowledge on how to get things done and accomplish tasks is a sought-after commodity. We also recognize the importance of know-what (process) and know-why (analysis).


While social change entails aspects of all three areas, know-who and the web of relationships builds the trust which is the currency through which real social change flows. It is highly unlikely that anyone will ever change their mind by being told they are wrong or stupid. But if they trust you …


When we enter into real relationships with “the other,” confronting their actual stories allows us to reflect on the stories we have been given or told ourselves about them.


Covering a straw man (or person) in real flesh and putting a beating heart in them makes it much more difficult to not take them and their stories as seriously as our own. 

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