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Living well

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Societies often construct themselves around bad ideas, and then their members are implicated in them whether they want to be or not. Dubious thinking is maddeningly persistent, regardless of the intelligence or intent of the thinker.


Not many can or will choose to opt out of society entirely. Some throw themselves wholeheartedly – or willingly allow themselves to be escorted – into the status quo. Somewhere between Scylla and Charybdis (although these waters are not that narrow), most of us make our way.


Living well entails doing the best we can to raise our consciousness, make thoughtful, principled decisions, and find better ideas to anchor to. Surrounding ourselves with circles of support and people who call forth the best from us, and grounding ourselves in spiritual practices, deepens our humanity.


 We will still be implicated in bad ideas, but perhaps less so. And we will know we’re doing the best we can to do the best we can, bearing in mind the humbling knowledge that today’s well-intentioned, good idea may turn out to be tomorrow’s folly.


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