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This morning’s paper (print and digital) contains a front-page article on some of the recent discoveries from the field of brain science regarding neuroplasticity – the fact that, with effort, we can, to some degree, literally change our brains.


Immediately following the piece on neuroplasticity is an article on the local real estate market reviewing two of the primary accommodation choices:  


1.   Fear. The upsides are that there is plenty of product on the market, which makes it very easy to get in to. There’s no damage deposit and the rent is cheap. The downside is that it’s not in a very nice neighbourhood, the view is terrible, the place itself is not a very nice place to be. It also turns out there are a lot of hidden costs that make it more expensive than it initially appears.


2.   Hope. The problem here is that there seems to be very little of it available. As a result, the damage deposit (or down payment, if you’re thinking about buying) is significant. The strata fees are also very high. Month in, month out, you’re going to have to work to keep living here. The upside is that the neighbourhood is much more pleasant and the views are spectacular. There is so much community value that, even if you’re renting, you will still build equity.


The second article reminds us of the truth that fear is an easier address in which to set up residence than is hope. The first article assures us we don’t have to stay there.

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