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QR codes

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Invented by the Japanese in 1994, the QR code has always been more popular in Asia than in North America. Until last year. As 2020 progressed, QR codes began popping up everywhere. QR (which stands for “quick response”) codes are bar codes that can carry large amounts of information that can be transferred very quickly. Hence, the name.


Like all technology, QR codes are magical – when they work. When they don’t work, about the only thing they’re good for are as digitized Rorschach tests.


For reasons that elude me, none of the phones I have owned have been able to read QR codes. Ever. I stare at those black and white marvels and wonder what secrets they hold that will not be revealed to the likes of people who buy the kind of phones I seem to end up with.


Sometimes a great idea and good design are not enough. A weak or broken link somewhere else in the process can mean that important information doesn’t get where it’s intended.


When someone like a child or partner or friend, or even your own soul, are trying to get a message to you, and you’re not receiving it, how does the information get through? What’s your weak or broken link?


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