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Remembering Forward

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Recently, my wife told me about an 11-year old picture Facebook reminded her about: a combination (Canadian) Thanksgiving and 18th birthday party for our eldest child. It got us remembering back…


On the one hand, 11 years isn’t that long a period of time. On the other hand, as we began to list all that has taken place: aging, graduations, university, weddings, deaths, a move and several renovations, job changes, travel … we were amazed at how much we have done in only 11 years. It was tiring just recalling it.


Then we wondered, if all that happened in the last 11 years, what all could happen in the next 11 years? If we were to be reminded 11 years from now about what will have taken place, what will we say?


Remembering back fosters gratitude, learning and releasing. Remembering forward calls on our purpose and sets intentions and goals. Both are important. 

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