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The artist and the art

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The biggest, most important task we can undertake is that of becoming our true self. Becoming who we are is a lifetime’s work. As with any great work of art, and reality itself, there is a conversational nature to our becoming. As we engage worlds outside and inside ourselves, we add to the masterpiece. 


There are times in creating when the artist must stand back so as to see the piece in its larger context. This perspective taking gives the artist essential information about the gestalt of the creation at that moment, and informs the next steps. 


When we (as artist) are open to observing our life (as art work), we learn more about what we’re really up to. The earlier we start gleaning that information, the wiser our input to the final product. 


The Danish philosopher and theologian Søren Kierkegaard said that life is lived forward and understood backward. That doesn’t mean we should wait until the end of our life to start making sense of it.   

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