Personal Story Coach helps men improve their mindset

The fourth quarter

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I’m learning about marketing for my new coaching practice. Currently, I’m researching to create an avatar – my ideal client. A young friend recently asked if I was targeting middle-aged men. I said, “not just men, but probably mostly middle-aged, because that often seems to be when questions of purpose arise.”


It seems that 1) the onset of signs that the body is declining; or 2) doing the math and realizing there are probably more years behind a person than in front of them stimulates new questions and concerns. With some first-hand experience under the belt of what does and doesn’t work, we have a better sense of the resources we already have and don’t yet have. Self-awareness (even knowing that we don’t know) and the limitations of time fuel the desire for personal transformation and growth.


Unless it’s a blowout, the last quarter or period of a game is often the most interesting. Particularly when we believe it’s a game worth playing.


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