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The freedom paradox

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Freedom parallels money in that people with either too little or too much of it are frequently unhappy. Freedom, like democracy, sounds nice in theory – and is actually a heavy burden freighted with responsibility. People who lack political and other kinds of freedom will give their lives to get it, while those who have it will squander it in the rush to social conformity and the joy of pointing the finger of blame in another direction. 


Of course, every human should have the right to be free; slavery in all its forms should not be forced on anyone. It’s interesting, however, how readily most people will trade at least some freedom for security – pseudo bondage for pseudo comfort. 


As with the rest of the matrix, it’s as much the stories we tell ourselves about our reality that shape our response to it as it is the reality itself. A lot of people seem content to be able to tell themselves they are free rather than to truly act that way.


True freedom comes from within. Which is part of the reason it’s so frightening. 

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