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The Invisibility of the Daily

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There is simply too much information in our environment for us to take it all in. Doing so would paralyze us. So the human brain evolved to automatically filter out most of it. Unless it’s pointed out to us, we don’t even know what we’ve missed. 


One of the things our brain has evolved to remember is novelty. The brain assumes (metaphorically speaking) that if something has been the same for a while, it doesn’t need to put energy into making sure we notice it. We literally stop seeing things we used to see. The cost of not seeing the ordinary is worth the benefit of conserving energy for dealing with the new (and possible dangerous.)


If you have been reading these blog posts for a while (thank you), you may have stopped seeing the line at the bottom inviting you to share them if you find them helpful. So today, if you would, I invite you to pick a favourite or two (there are now 40 to choose from) and forward them to one or two people you think would appreciate them. Spreading the word helps.