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The real thing

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The great wisdom traditions agree that:

·      it usually takes some kind of breaking open and breaking down in order for us to understand Love’s deep purpose for us;


·      we don’t learn as much from our successes and accomplishments as we do from our failures and weaknesses;

·      broken people are often wiser than those who never lose … and sometimes the more broken we are, the deeper the transformation, and the truer the enlightenment.


When it comes to our deepening as humans, the obsession of western culture with the appearance of perfection derails us from the paradoxically downward path to growth. Until now.


Pockets of resistance that were always there are growing. In some places, meaning and authenticity are becoming more credible than the superficially perfect. It’s almost as though, confronted with global public health-, economic- and environmental crises, more of us are figuring that life is too short, precarious and precious to waste on the fake.


When “the real thing” becomes the actual real thing, rather than just a slogan to sell sugar water, we may be getting somewhere together.


I’m left to wonder: would we have got here without having been forced?


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