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The surprise can be the gift

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A friend of mine is known to wrap up and give as gifts the most mundane items. 


After the time he broke the kitchen garbage can, he decided to wrap up the one he bought as a replacement and give it to his 9-year old son (whose job it was to take out the garbage) as a Christmas gift. When they boy saw that the largest gift under the tree had his name on it, he obviously chose it as the first thing he would open.


If that had been the only thing the boy received that year (it wasn’t), it would have made for a sad story. 


There are a number of metrics to use when assessing the value of a gift (such as the gift of life, which none of us asked for and have been given anyway.) “Surprise” may not be at the top of your list, but don’t underestimate the value of that kind of playfulness.

And congratulation to the winners in my Instagram giveaway, Andrew Hull and David Cathcart!

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