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Winning at 50

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Last weekend, the golfer Phil Mickelson won the PGA Championship. He had done it once before, in 2005. What made this one special is that he is 50 years old and set a new record for the oldest major championship winner ever.


Mickelson is nowhere near the greatest golfer of all time. He has won his share of tournaments over the years, but he’s also lost a lot too. So why did he win last weekend?


1.   He kept playing golf. He stayed in the game.

2.   He managed (at least for that weekend) to hit the ball as far as golfers 30 years his junior.

3.   He played to his strengths, which is his short game and his many years of experience.


Those are lessons that anyone who feels like they are beyond their prime (in whatever way they understand that) can learn from:


Stay in the game. Figure out what your version of learning to hit the ball as far as the youngsters is. Play to your strengths. Take comfort from the fact that you have been here before – and make the right decision.


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