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Robert G Allen writes that our brain runs two software programs simultaneously.[1] Our “fear” program wants to make decisions based on selfish, immediate needs, the bad experiences of our past, our worries for our future, our lack of self-belief, all our combined anxieties. The other is the “dream” program that makes decisions based on our goals for the future, our positive vision for ourselves, our love for others and our hope for the human race.

Most of us run our fear software as our default mindset. The brain is hardwired to be fear-based. We have to work at hope and dreams and making decisions that are not grounded in fear, because for many of us, fear is the first place we go to when presented with a new situation or a decision.

“Yes” is powerful because it opens possibility and the power to shape the future. Can you think of a time you said yes and something new happened that surprised you?

What we say “yes” to today shapes tomorrow. Pay attention to what you deeply and authentically love and follow it.

Be open to “yes.” 

[1] Robert G Allen called The Four Maps of Happy Successful People.

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